Earn Intership Credit While Working At Camp This Summer

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You might not know that we can work with you to tailor your employment at camp to meet your school’s internship needs!

Hear from three of our 2023 summer staff as they share their thoughts on earning internship credit while working at Falling Creek.

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Thank you for your hard work and leadership this past summer, Rich!

Hear from Rich Carr, a first-year counselor and one of our Program Coordinators this past summer:

🏫 School: Clemson University

πŸ“š Major: Parks, Recreation, & Tourism Management (Clemson PRTM - Department of Parks, Recreation & Tourism Management)

πŸ” Internship Focus: Community Recreation & Sports Management

πŸ“ Why FCC? β€œI chose to do my internship at Falling Creek after Zach and Andy visited our class. We did a class project on Falling Creek, and my group had the opportunity to go visit the camp and tour with Jeff. After the trip Zach reached out to me asking if I was interested in working there and I knew that it would be a perfect fit.”

πŸ“ How did the camp experience fit your internship? β€œThe opportunities and experience I was able to gain at camp helped me in so many ways. Meeting wonderful people, being around awesome kids, and gaining experience in the workplace as well as in life was amazing!”

πŸ“ Would you recommend it? β€œI would 100% recommend Falling Creek to anyone who wants to have an awesome summer, unplug for a while and meet some amazing people and have a great time doing it!”

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Thank you for your mentorship, Ella!

Hear from Ella Harlacher, a 2nd year counselor who led our Nature and F.A.R.M. programs this past summer while fulfilling her internship requirements:

🏫 School: North Carolina State University

πŸ“š Major: Environmental Science with a concentration in Tropical Ecology, Minor in International Studies

πŸ”Ž Internship Focus: Environmental Education

πŸ“ Why FCC? β€œI enjoyed working there last year, making great connections with my coworkers, and meeting new friends from around the country/world. Since I study tropical ecology, I have a great span of knowledge on rainforests, and western Asheville happens to be a temperate rainforest! Falling Creek was able to work with me months before the experience started because I was going to be living out of the country for the 5 months preceding the summer. They were adaptive to my situation and helped me get all of my approval work done before I left the United States. Anything that they could do to help, they were eager to do.”

πŸ“ How did the camp experience fit your internship? β€œMy goal was to gain experience in environmental education and see if it was a path I wanted to take in my career as an environmental scientist. To fit my internship requirements and challenge my abilities, the task of reworking the curriculum for these activities was given to me. This summer, the Nature and F.A.R.M. programs operated as informal educational environments. Every lesson had a learning objective that the campers would continuously build on, & by the end of each session, the campers were leaving with knowledge about basic science principles that are foundational in their future science classes in school.”

πŸ“ Would you recommend it? β€œYes! My internship requirements included putting in 175 hours - By the first month I had already checked that box off. Throughout the summer, my supervisor was extremely responsive whenever I had to accomplish something specifically for my internship and they did everything they could to help me through the entire process! Falling Creek is a great team to work with, and no matter what your internship requirements are they are going to help you fit them all in.”

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Thank you for your hard work and leadership this past summer, Thomas!

Hear from Thomas Allsopp, a first-year counselor who fulfilled his Sports Management internship while working at camp this past summer:

🏫 School: Aquinas College - Grand Rapids
πŸ“š Major: Sports Management/Business Administration
πŸ”Ž Internship Focus: Sports Management

πŸ“ Why FCC? β€œI chose to do my internship at Falling Creek because I knew coming to this camp would be a unique experience unlike any other internship. From my interview with Zach, I felt falling creek would be a very welcoming community and a great work environment and being able to work with kids as a counselor just felt right for me.”

πŸ“ How did the camp experience fit your internship? β€œI tailored my camp experience to fit my internship by learning and enjoying the opportunities to play all-camp-games with the kids, and being able to teach various activities was a great experience. Also, I met great people both staff and campers which made my internship even more fulfilling as I learnt more from others and was a great overall learning experience for myself.”

πŸ“ Would you recommend it? β€œI definitely recommend Falling Creek for anyone wanting to have a great fun summer and being able to do the activities you love! It’s a great place to learn more about yourself and from fellow staff members.”

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