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Media Jobs

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These roles offer a unique way to enjoy the camp experience, while adding to your portfolio and improving the skills necessary to break into the media and marketing job markets.

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Being a Computer Science major, a lot of people think that the careers they want to go into are just working a desk job, typing away at a computer all the time. But personally what I found out through working at Falling Creek, is that human interaction is really important for me, and so that has opened my eyes for future career paths and future roles that I’d want to take on. This is a great place to kind of figure out what you want to do with your life. It’s a place for everyone. Something I’d tell future staff or someone considering working at Falling Creek is, honestly, just do it.

Matthew G., Counselor (‘22)

We have a variety of media paths to choose from at Falling Creek:

The ABC’s of FCC

This is just one example of a video made by a camp videographer. What great movies will you create this summer?

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FCC and its people had more to do with shaping me for whatever role I fill (father, husband, lawyer, coach) than any other place.

Richard W. / ’89-’96 camper, ’97-’02 staff, current camper parent