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We exist to shepherd the journey of personal growth through love and adventure.

Falling Creek Camp earned an Honorable Mention in Outside Magazine’s list of 50 Best Places to Work in 2023!

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While working at Falling Creek, I learned how to really work hard and love doing it. If I was in camp or on time off, the counselors and I always had an adventure planned. Being on the clock 24/7 and then coming home to Birmingham after the summer, I realised how much I could truly do in a day. I was bored of sitting around and watching TV. I wanted to do something every day that would benefit myself or others in a positive impact. I carried this attitude to Auburn Univeristy. Once in school, I could wake up early, do my school work, and then hang out with my friends at night without feeling like I was behind on sleep. This lifestlye improved my grades dramatically and I have gotten a lot closer with my friends at school.

Jim W. / Birmingham, Alabama